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I’ve been making art for over 15 years and my eclectic talents are plentiful, passionate, and personal. A skilled craftsman of multiple mediums, with a main focus in natural art/jewelry/healing tools/and instruments.

When I’m not crafting my other hobbies include photography, cooking, brewing beer/wine, writing poetry, astrology/numerology/ shamanism, playing nostalgic video games, or doing some sound therapy with all the instruments I love to wield.  

I gather all my creativity from nature, pondering life, the universe, and honoring cultural/ancient traditions steeped in ethnomusicological pursuits.

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For as long as I can remember, I always asked myself the “big questions”. Those philosophical ponders that no one ever had the answers too.

From youth to adolescence, I immersed myself in acrobatics, playing outside, and video games. Being a child of the mid-80’s, I was blessed with two important pieces of criteria. I grew up with/ and without technology as a constant.

I feel extremely connected to the planet and it’s energies. I also have a digital awareness and strong comprehension towards the electronic world we live in. I feel life is about balance, and I’ve spent my time growing as a human to have a foot in both worlds.

I continue to grow, learn, and open up my spirit’s true potential each day. A synthesis of polytheistic values, spiritual/societal/interpersonal awareness, and a soul always yearning for knowledge. My website encompasses my core beliefs, my passions, my heart and soul. I am honored and humbled to share my life with you. Thank you for being here. 




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