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Kyle’s beadwork is amazing. His love and compassion for the art he makes is evident in every stitch. His work is a shining example of the quality, detail and craftsmanship that make hand-crafted goods so exceptionally beautiful.

Dr. Lindsay Chimileski, ND, MSAc

Owner of Kyle’s Handcrafted Jewelry

I have visited Kyle’s private workshop and can personally vouch for the high quality in his products. It is very clear that he puts massive amounts of thought and spirit into each individual product. I highly recommend the great craftsmanship of Kyle!
David Gustafson
Proud Friend
Kyle is an amazingly versatile visionary and has the most beautiful sense of aesthetic craftsmanship. His pieces always hold the highest quality and highest vibration!
Sunshine Daydream
I bought a flute and a framed digital photo from Kyle. The craftsmanship and care taken into creating his pieces is beyond expectations. I will be a repeat customer. Keep up the good work!
Lyle Murphy
I am lucky to say I am one of the first recipients of Kyle’s immaculate work. He created a peyote stitch necklace for me…must have been 8 or so years ago, which I now use as my keychain. I also have a beautifully sticked bracelet and two immaculate dreamcatcher earrings. Kyle’s work has always been well-made and beautiful. He has now progressed to creating his own wind instruments, and I can only imagine what’s next. Well-worth any price! Beautiful, one-of-a-kind work made with deep love and care.
Amanda Bloom
Publisher, Editor, Founder – TheMercurial.com
Excellent site and work my man! Keep up the good work!
President, TEAM PHUN
As an artist, musician and friend, I can truly say that Kyle’s work is incredible. Its rare to find flutes and didgeridoos of such a high quality at such a low price. Kyle puts such love and attention into all the pieces he makes. Any item would, without a doubt, become a treasured object for many years.
Emily Gosweiler

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