Greetings! Here at this section of the website I’d love to take the time to thank some of the people that have made this website possible.

Adam Jarrett and James Adolphus Dewing have assisted me in the creation of this site alongside some other projects throughout the years.

These fine gentlemen and I began our friendship in 2005 in Burlington, Vermont. While attending college, we found each other amongst the campus buildings at various activities/classes. Later becoming close friends who spent much time together playing music and video games, and learning more about one another through shared experiences.

As they began their ascent into video-game making, graphic design/web-design, and pixel rendering, we started some collaborations that have since been extremely well-received by the digital community, the gaming world, and many other people.

In the past I’ve dabbled in the composure of some electronic video game music. Using some computer software during college, I made some “midi-inspired” polyphonic video-game music to express my creative side, as well as pay homage to the sounds that shaped me as a child. Being a musician and a craftsman, I’ve enjoyed making music the acoustic way, as well as with technology and synthesized sounds. Adam and James both loved my tracks at the time, and asked me if I would put my music in the game’s they were going to make.

So after a few games, and some really lovely feedback from the community, we kept chugging along and sending each other files over the internet for years after college. They’ve since made handfuls of games compatible on all computers, i-phones/smart phones. I’m honored and so proud to share in the creation of art with these fine men.

Below will be a link to a few videos of our collaborations in action! (at the homeworld arts youtube channel) Please enjoy the beautiful retro-stylings of Adam and James game’s from “Homeworld Arts” – and the musical accompaniment of Kyle Neidig’s dance inspired midi-music.