Shipping: –Shipping cost are factored into the existing price of the product (USA ONLY)-  International orders will require additional communication and SECONDARY shipping payment. This is non-negotiable.

Returns are as follows: You can exchange your product for another or I can easily wire your money back to you via PAYPAL for a full refund. All products come with tracking #’s for the security of myself and my clients.

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL BUYERS:  – I normally don’t ship outside of the USA, but if you really want one of my creations, I require an additional $25 payment, wired to me via PAYPAL on top of the initial cost of the product you’ve purchased. Upon purchasing anything from my website, please send me a $25 dollar payment via paypal, title it:  “Shipping for Product” –

Karmic happiness guarantee: Strive to make sure you feel your transaction is safe, secure, and peaceful. (My life’s work is very important to me, so I will do my best to make sure you are taken care of in a quick, professional, and pleasant manner.

Please be prompt with any EMAIL/PHONE correspondence: This will ensure you’ll always get taken care of as quickly and respectfully as possible.

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