Sumac SideFlute in “A”

$ 75.00

This is a Transverse style Flute. It was created out of a Sumac Branch, Beeswax, Amethyst and Citrine Crystal. The Flute is 4-holed with off-set fingering.  Jewel encrusted in the key of A. Tuned at 432hz. Plugged up old finger holes with Amethyst. Added some leather bindings for minimalist aesthetics It would be a lovely addition to any Renaissance Fair, LARP/COSPLAY, or by a bon-fire somewhere. Sumac branches have a soft/pithy core. I was extremely patient and lucky to produce a Flute out of this branch! Truly a peaceful and powerful creation. I embedded a Citrine crystal into the wood as the End-Cap for the instrument. The flute is functional if you are willing to take the time to get use to its finger holes.

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